Admission Criteria (Y4-Y7)
Maximum Capacity: 40
Places Taken: 15
Places Remaining: 25

Admission Policy

Tennis Avenue School is a specialist school for children who love tennis and want to be champions, with parents who are willing to allow us to make important decisions on and off court to raise the child as an elite sportsperson.

There are a maximum of 40 places available across all year groups, with a maximum of 6-8 children in any given class.

Selection is entirely based on tennis potential; both physically and mentally. Competitive tennis is a high pressure environment involving extreme stress on both the body and mind. This is not something we can insulate them from. As the mental health of our students is extremely important to us, we try to select players who we feel are best equipped to develop the resilience and coping skills necessary to thrive in such an environment (for example with the perceived failure of losing tennis matches).

In tennis our great strength lies in instilling sound technical and mental foundations at a young age, along with a strong work ethic. The most productive ages for this is when the child has developed sufficient hand/eye co-ordination and is highly receptive to instruction - usually between the ages 8-12 (Y4-Y8 academic level). We therefore expect the majority of new admissions to be in this age bracket.

Academic ability is not a major factor for acceptance, other than in ensuring that we have a class academically suitable for the incoming child (our classes are entirely based on ability and not age, with an efficient and fluid system of progression).

We are currently unable to accept wheelchair tennis players or those with other physical impairments as we do not have the specialist coaches with the skill-sets or experience required to coach high performance players with disabilities.

We do not discriminate by gender, race or any other protected characteristics.

Review of Existing Place / Admission Criteria (Y8-Y10)
There are two key review points for students at the school:
  • when a student reaches the end of Y5 (for students who start in Y4 only) to make a decision regarding whether the student should continue at the school from Y7 onwards;
  • when a student reaches the end of Y8 (for students who have been with us at least two full years) to make a decision regarding whether the student should continue at the school from Y10 onwards.

For a positive decision, we would need to be convinced that:
  • the student is on a trajectory to elite (international) level competitiveness in tennis;
  • the student is demonstrating an elite mindset, and meeting required levels of desire, commitment, effort, behaviour and habits;
  • the parents are demonstrating continuing faith in us, and also an understanding of an elite mindset so that their support is in alignment with the work of the School.

The above criteria is also used to assess incoming older applicants (i.e. to start at Y9 or Y10 academic level).