Entry Process
We accept suitable students at the beginning of each term (September, January and April). To get the admission process underway, please complete the TA School Admission Enquiry Form at least two months before prospective admission.

Admission is always based on extensive prior assessment. Ideally we would suggest that any prospective student join our weekend and evening academy (tennis-only) first. Alternatively they could attend the school on a trial basis.

This way, over an extended period we can be sure they have the required attributes to thrive in our unique environment. Equally the child and parents can also decide if we are the right learning environment for them or not.

It is very important to us that the children we enrol are able to get the most out of what we have to offer. Conversely we look for children who, in their own unique way, will add to the collective culture of our school.

Once the decision has been made from both sides, then the process of enrolment is a matter of completing formalities.