Our aim is do deliver what an elite tennis player needs, not what they can afford. We achieve that with standard low fees for all, and scholarships in exceptionally deserving circumstances.

Our fee structure is unprecedented, being less than half that of the average top independent school with a tennis program in Britain - and our standard fee includes both tuition fees, tennis training and generic fitness.

For comparison, here is a league table of the top schools for tennis which we are delighted to be rock bottom of. These are standard Day Fees only (not including Boarding), and additional fees may apply at some of these schools for tennis training:

School Average Annual
Fee (Y7-Y11)
Repton £27,288
Millfield £24,237
Queenswood £24,168
Reeds School £24,072
Merchiston Castle £22,110
Surbiton High £19,020
Culford £18,897
Talbot Heath £14,973
All 8 Schools above £21,846
Tennis Avenue School £9,000 (Standard)
£12,000 (Enhanced)
Please note

Our fees are structured as follows (all amounts shown are per month, and payable monthly):

Standard Package Enhanced Package
Tennis & Education £750 £1000
Generic Fitness Included Included
Weekly Private Lesson (optional) add: £150 Included
2 x Weekly Hitter (optional) add: £150 Included
Injury Prevention (optional) add: £150 Included
2 x Weekly S&C (optional) add: £150 add: £150

Private Lesson (one-on-one):
One of our senior coaches will be assigned to each player.
With specialist hitter or older/stronger TA player.
Generic Fitness:
Three 1 hour sessions per week, covering speed, power, flexibility, agility, endurance, core stability and mental fitness.
Injury Prevention:
A world-class medical team to monitor players during training on a weekly basis for signs of injury onset and to provide pre-emptive intervention e.g. personalised exercises and treatment of minor issues as they occur. Includes two annual full-body screenings per player.
Premium S&C:
Highly experienced fitness instructor delivering targeted Strength & Conditioning sessions in small groups with similar needs.