Curriculum Guide

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Tennis Avenue School aims to be recognised as one of the best places in the world for combining elite-level tennis training with tailored academic studies; and to do so by consistently delivering and producing excellence on both fronts.

Our school exists to enable children who dare to dream big, to chase those dreams and face all the challenges involved without fear of failure.

In preparing our students for success we teach that excellence should not be viewed as a destination, but as the journey itself. Excellence unopposed by challenge is mere excellence, but excellence produced under pressure and difficulty is what distinguishes the world class.

Our students embrace adversity as an essential necessity for their development, along with adaptability and resilience as core attributes necessary to confront it.

Being a world class tennis player may not be the eventual outcome for every student, but the school aims to equip each one of them with a mindset and skillset to be world class at anything else they may set their minds on. They are thus primed for success, be it on the tennis court or off it.

The world is changing rapidly, however the key qualities required to succeed in life remain unchanged. Tennis Avenue School aims to serve as the fertile soil in which our students grow into adulthood, by absorbing these qualities into their being through the very culture of the school itself.