Tennis Avenue School Ltd.
Registered in England No: 12445791

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Governing Body
Tennis Avenue School is an Independent School owned by the proprietary body Tennis Avenue School Ltd. The final decision on all matters rest with the Directors of the proprietary body.

The Governing Body at the school is formed annually by the proprietary body to support and provide independent advice to it. All such advice is always carefully considered but non-binding. The board consists of parent, teacher, and student representatives as well as specialists in specific areas.

The Governing Body is dissolved at the end of each academic year, prior to a new one being formed for the following academic year.

The Board of Governors (excluding student representatives) is also tasked with investigating any complaints or allegations against members of the proprietary body, with full independence.

Board of Governors
Margaret Evans - Chairperson

Margaret is a highly experienced retired headteacher (of a mainstream school) who has undergone Ofsted training and worked as an education consultant.

Direct Contact:

Remaining members of the Board of Governors to be announced.