Excellence as Standard
We are the first and only tennis academy in the UK registered as an independent school. This means we do not out-source our education provision like the LTA national academies and regional centres do.

Our mission is simple: to deliver excellence in tennis and education in order that students will always have a great Plan C should tennis not work out for them (we know that tennis will always be Plan A and Plan B for them!)

Despite our elite credentials and track record, we have managed to keep our fees almost 50% lower than the national average for independent schools, making us far more affordable and accessible.

It is not historic buildings, stately grounds nor state-of-the-art facilities that make us a school; it is our own history, character, ethos, values, culture, and elite mindset - which we strive to instil into our students - that make us a school.

We are uniquely re-imagining what school can look like for those bold enough to to chase their dreams and pursue excellence; we offer the scheduling flexibility and personalisation of home-schooling (allowing for elite training and tournament travel) married to a regulated and inspected schooling framework.